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At long last, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town’s DLC Expansion Pass is now complete. The fifth and last part of the game’s DLC is now available and it adds a new location to visit and some familiar faces from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, which was available on the Nintendo 3DS. Following the previous DLC releases, Xseed Games has released an overview trailer for what awaits in the “Twilight Isle Expansion Pack.”  



Marriage candidates Ludus and Lisette return to be wooed in Pioneers of Olive Town. They’re joined by Tigre and Moriya, and all four live in the new special Twilight Isle area.



While this is the last part of Pioneers of Olive Town’s DLC, the game continues to be updated. Recently, the Version 1.0.7 and 1.0.8 updates were released for western players. These patches include the following fixes:


Version 1.0.7 Notes

  • Adds the Chat Camera feature
    Turning the Chat Camera setting ON will display a close-up of villagers when in conversation with them.
    The Chat Camera setting can be switched ON and OFF.
    *The Chat Camera setting will be OFF by default after updating to Version 1.0.7.
    *The camera may not zoom in if villagers are close to walls or other obstacles, even if the Chat Camera setting is turned ON.
  • Adds townsperson expressions during conversation
  • Improves visuals when developing town facilities
  • Fixes an issue where the game could freeze when loading save data in which the protagonist has a child with a DLC character after uninstalling DLC
  • Fixes an issue where the game could freeze when opening the calendar and exchanging items between the bag and tool bag directly after loading save data
  • Other minor bug fixes


Specific notes for Version 1.0.8 weren’t released. That particular patch fixed minor errors that fans with Japanese copies of the game encountered after installing the Version 1.0.7 update. 

The Expansion Pass for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is available to purchase for $19.99 on the Nintendo eShop. Additional cosmetics (costumes) are also available for purchase for $1.99 each.


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