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Have you been meaning to catch up on episodes of the Pokémon series? You’re in luck! Nintendo and the Pokémon Company have brought the longtime TV show to the Switch through the new Pokémon TV app. Sure, it was already available on mobile and smart TVs… but now you have the opportunity to combine your love of gaming and watching favorite episodes of Pokémon with the slick ease of the Nintendo Switch. And if you have some younger kiddos at home who’ll be tuning in to Ash and his adventures with Pikachu, you’ll be happy to know that a Junior category will be added to Pokémon TV, which will give a younger audience videos tailored specifically for the younger age group.

Remember, other than getting a new way to watch episodes, you’ll also be able to brush up on your Pokémon TCG strategies by watching matches and getting some training tips through the Switch app. With a constant flow of content getting added to Pokémon TV, you won’t find yourself bored anytime soon!

Make sure to check out the Pokémon TV app on your Switch today — available to download in the eShop now!



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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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