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Cutesy animal battle royale game Super Animal Royale has launched on Nintendo Switch, bringing 64-player free-to-play mayhem to the platform.

The game stars anthropomorphic animals battling to the death across a 2D top-down island in order to be the last player standing (think Fortnite Battle Royale but with adorable foxes and bears).

The launch on Switch also comes alongside the launch of the game’s Season 1 Animal Pass, plus a host of new features including frogs, mini animal pets, South American servers, and the “Animal Pass Archive System.”

The Animal Pass Archive allows players to purchase previous Animal Passes — tiered reward systems — and complete them alongside each season’s current Animal Pass, eliminating any FOMO players may feel if they can’t complete an Animal Pass in time.



Super Animal Royale also features full cross-play and cross-progression across all platforms, so you can pick up and play on whatever console you prefer.

The game originally launched in 2018 for Steam Early Access before a preview version headed to Xbox Game Pass this year in June; in May, the game was announced to be coming to Switch. 

Super Animal Royale can be downloaded for free via the Nintendo Switch eShop starting today.

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Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo

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