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The adventures, epic battles, and odd-job mini-games that Travis Touchdown knows all too well will continue this Friday thanks to the launch of No More Heroes III. Marvelous and Suda51 are gearing up for a big non-spoiler preview event dubbed NoMoreMonday today, yet there’s something else fans can enjoy for a limited time. Uploaded last week on Marvelous’ Japanese YouTube account, 20 tracks from No More Heroes III have been uploaded as a soundtrack video. 


Track List

  • 00:00 01.I L Y/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 03:20 02.Start the game./Jun Fukuda
  • 05:09 03.Phantom Skate ( Gokko of Itachi )/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 08:50 04.hikuidori bite/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 11:39 05.ITADAKIMASU/MEEBEE Feat Okumura.
  • 14:33 06.Gold Joe/MEEBEE & Tony Astro
  • 16:38 07.UFO Passage/MEEBEE & Jun Fukuda
  • 18:45 08.B’s Theme/MEEBEE & Baku Furukawa
  • 21:36 09.Naomi’s Lab./Jun Fukuda
  • 23:57 10.Gozz ( New World Order )/Sekitova
  • 25:44 11.Awesome Holyday in the Sky/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 27:55 12.Musical Chair/WHALE TALX & annie the clumsy
  • 31:06 13.Octopus ( Deadly Seppun )/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 35:25 14.Head-On Fight/DJ2nd & MEEBEE
  • 39:15 15.Beast Test ( O-Juken )/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 42:20 16.Feast Matsuri/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 44:44 17.Dead Orca Force/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 50:04 18.SPACE PEACOCK/Fumi Miyoshi
  • 51:37 19.gravedigger/Nobuaki Kaneko
  • 54:27 20.Night in Prague/Nobuaki Kaneko


According to the video’s description, this video will be available to watch and listen to until Thursday, September 2nd at 11:59 p.m. JST (which translates to 7:59 a.m. PT | 10:59 a.m. ET of the same day). For No More Heroes fans, this is the perfect way to pass the time as we get closer and closer to the game’s launch this Friday, August 27th.


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