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Nintendo has done a fair job at catering to us longtime, retro-loving fans in recent years, with the NES and SNES Classic systems satisfyingly scratching that nostalgic itch. Love for the Nintendo 64 is arguably lacking, however, with no Classic version of Nintendo’s first 3D console in sight and still no N64 titles announced for the Nintendo Switch Online service. Thankfully, Nintendo fan QnadianBacon has taken it upon themselves to resurrect the classic Nintendo 64 aesthetic with a modernized twist.

After acquiring a broken “for parts” Nintendo 64 on eBay, QnadianBacon used the console’s shell and applied all of the components required to run a Nintendo Switch inside of it. The result is a Nintendo 64 with a Switch cartridge slot on its side, and with controller ports turned into USB slots so that wired controllers can be inserted into the system.



“Besides the fact it looks cool and was fun to make, I wanted a dock that kept the Switch horizontal and had 4 built-in USB ports so I could use other 3rd-party controllers,” QnadianBacon explains. “That, and I’m nostalgic for the N64 I never had growing up (but played every chance I got). Put these together and you get: the NS64.”


Not only do we get to admire this astounding project in pictures, you can also make an NS64 yourself if you’re looking for a challenging project. QnadianBacon has provided a very comprehensive guide on how the system was made over on Imgur, complete with a list of required tools and components and lots of very helpful images. Of course, it’s no simple task, and QnadianBacon kindly reminds would-be NS64 makers to “wear proper PPE (especially safety glasses)” and practice safety first.


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Written by Reece Heather

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