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After debuting the news broadcast format for Shin Megami Tensei V last month, Atlus has released the second episode of the special program. Designed to give you a closer look and more understanding of what’s new in the long awaited entry in the series, you can watch below – it may be in Japanese, but English subtitles are available.

The three main topics this time are new characters that were recently introduced, stat and attribute altering Essences, and Miracles. Of the characters, Shohei Yakumo seems the most compelling, with a design that seems informed by recurring SMT character Raidou Kuzunoa. While that look is by no means exclusive to Raidou, it’s definitely where my thoughts went on seeing him for the first time.

He may be a demon hunter, but Yakumo is working alongside one of their kind. Nuwa, modeled after a goddess from Chinese mythology, has been at his side since he was young. What their goals are, and how they overlap for now, are unknown. All that is is that they stand in opposition of the Nahobino as they venture through Da’at. As is to be expected in Shin Megami Tensei, it’s not just demonic forces that you should be concerned with. Lawful, angelic beings can be just as extreme and threatening, which could be the case with Bethel’s Abdiel.

Also explored were Essences. These can be gained from demons, and are used to customize the protagonist’s skills and affinities upon their use. Doing so will (ideally) give them a wide variety of capabilities paired with plenty of resistances, though there’s no knowing how deep the system goes at this point. What is known, though, is that it can also be utilized for the demons fighting alongside you.

Last for the spotlighted aspects of this episode is Glory and Miracles. By finding Glory around Da’at, you’ll be able to purchase abilities that make your journey more manageable. These Miracles can make fused demons more powerful, affect success rates of negotiations, or provide other key passives to you. Alongside these, a fan question was answered which confirmed the ability to fast-forward through battle animations (with the exception of some enemy attacks) and the return of auto-battle.

Shin Megami Tensei V will be releasing exclusively on Switch November 12th. Before that though, except the next SMTV newscast to arrive sometime in late September.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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