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Yesterday Square Enix saw fit to share nearly fifteen minutes of Life is Strange: True Colors gameplay, putting us in the shoes of Alex Chen as she finds her way through the Colorado town of Haven Springs. We say gameplay, but it’s important to know that gameplay in Life is Strange isn’t the most active or involved – at least not in ways you might think when you hear “gameplay”. If you’ve come here for record shop exploration, discussion of bird call based media, and an urgent search for a cat toy, though? You are 100% in the right place.

Note the dialogue choices that appear at various points, letting you steer Alex’s personality and relationships. It’s those options and alternatives that have me excited for this return to the series. While the first game gave you a time manipulation ability to explore and even unlock more of these options, True Colors will instead be centered on empathy and the ability to experience and perceive the emotions of others – something that appears at the very end of the footage.

Look forward to experiencing more of this story firsthand when Life is Strange: True Colors arrives on September 10th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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