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For its time, and even among more contemporary additions to the Pokédex, one of the most interesting legendaries has been Manaphy. On the surface it’s similar to Mew – a cute Pokémon with solid 100’s for its base stats, fitting right into the Mythical template of its predecessors to the point of even getting its own movie appearance. Nothing special beyond its scarcity at this point. 

Where it really deviates was its distribution. Originally, you could only receive Manaphy by transferring from the Pokémon Ranger spin-off game, and you would receive it as an egg. Not just a typical Pokémon egg either, but a special one specific to Manaphy in design. Though the game transfer aspect has been dropped, it looks like the hatching aspect is being retained for its appearance in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. 

While it wasn’t touched on during the Pokémon Presents, an update to the remakes’ website confirms the Manaphy Egg will return as an internet-based Mystery Gift for those who begin their Sinnoh journeys early. From the games’ launch until February 21st, 2022 you’ll be able to download the egg and proceed to hatch your sea angel. It’s also noted that accessing Mystery Gifts should take players around two hours. 

Another Manaphy specific oddity is its ability to breed, producing more eggs. These aren’t the special Manaphy Egg, however, and instead will hatch the equally unique Phione. Clearly modeled after Manaphy but lacking its Mythical status and stats, and unable to perform its signature Heart Swap move, it’s always been a strange part of the Pokédex. Similarly, a note mentions accessing the Pokémon Nursery will take around ten hours of play, with the Daycare presumably remaining in Solaceon Town. 

You can download Manaphy for yourself when Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl release on November 19th.  


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Written by Ricky Berg

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