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After making its debut during E3 2021, Dodgeball Academia is now available for the Nintendo Switch! This sports RPG takes the schoolyard game of dodgeball and turns it into a solid, yet zany, adventure in building the best dodgeball team while unearthing secrets at school. For anyone who found themselves pouring hours into the GameBoy Advance launch title Super Dodge Ball Advance, this looks like a great addition to your Nintendo Switch library. Check out the launch trailer for yourself:   



  • EXPLORATION – Explore and uncover the secrets of the Dodgeball Academia across its vast, diverse, and full of life campus
  • RPG STORY MODE – Journey through a full-blown RPG story mode; complete with episodes, main quests, side quests, and school minigames
  • ECLECTIC CHARACTERS – Unlock and upgrade unique characters, diversifying your dodgeball team through an RPG style character and party progression
  • ACTION-PACKED CHALLENGES – Engage in action-packed dodgeball matches featuring a unique fighting game style that will put players up against challenging enemies and bosses
  • LOCAL VERSUS MODE – Duke it out with a friend locally in a competitive local versus mode


You can join the fray in Dodgeball Academia by picking up the game via the Nintendo eShop. Even better, if you buy the game during its launch, you can get a 10% discount ($22.49 instead of $24.99)!


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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