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Though the game has been around since 2017, Doki Doki Literature Club was always available as a free PC download. Merchandise and other means of revenue followed, but it’s only since June 30th with the launch of Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! that anyone could join the club on console. 

In that short two-week period, DDLC+ has managed to sell 500,000 copies, which is definitely a whole lot of poems and cupcakes. Maybe it’s the brand new Side Stories or the inherent allure of something so cute and yet so frightening by design, but it’s a strong showing for Monika and the rest of the girls. 

The game’s creator, Dan Salvato, had this to say on the early success: 


“I’ve had the opportunity to hear from so many fans about their experiences with DDLC Plus, especially the new Side Stories. We’re all brought together through connecting with the club members and relating to their everyday challenges. It inspires us to take on our own challenges and be our best selves. It means so much to me that I can make a difference in that way, and I hope our feeling of closeness will never have to subside. I’m eternally grateful for it.” 


You can see our own thoughts in our Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! review. Physical copies will be available later this summer, and are still available to pre-order here: 


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Written by Ricky Berg

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