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It’s been so, so long since we’ve heard anything about Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild that hunters would be forgiven for assuming it’s been lost in the wild since the film’s announcement back in 2018. Originally planned for a 2019 release, the 3D-animated movie has finally re-emerged in the form of a new official Netflix trailer, with a release date of August 12th, 2021 on the popular streaming service.

Legends of the Guild follows Aiden, a young man who, while out on a regular hunt, finds himself in trouble and is rescued by a more experienced hunter called Julius. Julius informs Aiden that an Elder Dragon is on its migration path, and as a result, Aiden’s village is in great danger. The duo enlist more hunters to form a group in order to prevent the incoming catastrophe, and the trailer features many of the beasts, combat, and adventure that fans of the Monster Hunter games might expect.

The film will be produced by Pure Imagination Studios and directed by visual effects specialist Steven F. Yamamoto (who has worked on various films in the Transformers movie franchise). The listing on the Netflix website also confirms it will have a 58-minute runtime.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is not to be confused with the recent Monster Hunter live-action movie, which hit theaters in June 2021 and was directed by Paul W. S. Anderson (who worked across the previous, long-running Resident Evil film franchise).

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Written by Reece Heather

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