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Fire Emblem Heroes has been all about its summertime alts lately, but it looks like things may be returning to “normal”. It’s been a while since we’ve seen new characters from past Emblem titles make their debuts as you remember them, so let’s say hello to four from Fates.

Charlotte has actually been in the game since its inaugural year, being one of the first bridal characters added in. This time though she’s carrying her axe and attitude based on her original appearance. She’s joined by Nyx and Orochi, as well as her fellow retainer Benny. Were it just them we’d have a full Fates focus, albeit one that leans heavily on Conquest. Instead, a special guest is getting in on this as something of an oddity.

Nifl, who made her debut as a boss in a recent Tempest Trials+ event, will now be available as a summonable ally. Not only is she the first cavalry dragon, but she also isn’t locked to mythic or legendary summoning events by the look of things. She’s definitely got skills befitting her title as a goddess of ice from one of Heroes’ original realms, making it a good thing that this focus will let you pick one of the four featured characters after forty summons.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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