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The Game Boy Color and I have a whole lot of history. Back in the late ’90s, a youthful and full of wonder version of me would spend countless hours with my GBC (Worm Light attached, of course) catching Pokémon, playing Kirby, and just escaping from reality. Back then, it never really bothered me that the screen wasn’t backlit, but trying to play it today without optimal lighting conditions is just a massive headache.

That’s why I’ve been so into the Game Boy Color modding scene over the past two years. To date, I’ve installed six backlight kits from various suppliers into my consoles; each with their own pros and cons. But today, it looks like a new challenger has emerged from the folks at FunnyPlaying that will put the rest to shame. And of course, the talented Tito from Macho Nacho Productions has our first look!



Not only is the screen on this new kit 25% larger and backlit, it also offers different pixel modes to choose from. Like scanlines? It’s got scanlines! Looking for something a bit smoother? It has that, too! It really has something for players of every flavor. It even has an illuminated Game Boy Color Logo that you can customize with a selection of over 20 colors. If you want to pick one up, you can use Mr. Nacho’s coupon code TITO from Retro Game Repair Shop to save 10% on the $61.99 price tag.


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Written by Jason Ganos

Nintendo super fan since birth, Jason is the creator of Amiibo News and editor-in-chief at Nintendo Wire. One of his life goals is to provide the latest Nintendo news to fellow gamers with his natural know-how.