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Marvelous Games has updated the official website for No More Heroes III with another video clip, offering fans of the highly anticipated hack-and-slash sequel further insight into the action-packed gameplay.

The video demonstrates how, when the player successfully lines up the three “BARs” on the bonus slots during combat, they will activate Mustang Mode. This allows protagonist Travis Touchdown to slash away at enemies at high speed. When lining up three bells, you can activate Throw Mode which, as the name suggests, will allow Travis to continuously throw his foes around, wrestler-style.

Perfectly Nintendo was kind enough to upload the video to YouTube, which is available for your viewing pleasure below.



It’s as colorful, flashy, and violent as you’d expect from the No More Heroes series, making Travis’ imminent return an exciting one indeed. Plus, if that music is anything to go by, we may also be in for yet another killer soundtrack.

This clip is the latest in a series of videos that Marvelous has been publishing over the last month, which Perfectly Nintendo has also provided mirrors for on YouTube. Previous installments show gameplay involving the Beam Katana’s recharging function and more of Travis’ various moves, including his Emergency Evade and Weapon Clash, Death Blows, Death Kick and Death Force, and Death Rain and Death Slow.

No More Heroes III will launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch on August 27th, 2021. You can pre-order your copy on Amazon today.


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