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The Japanese Sonic Colors Ultimate website has been updating every so often with familiar info and new screenshots of the hedgehog’s upcoming remaster. This time around two of the interstellar game’s most visually impressive areas are the focus, taking us through the Wisp home planet and a neon starscape nighttime spectacular.

Starlight Carnival made quite an impression in the original Colors, being a parade composed of gaudy space ships/floats that Sonic runs in and around. This is accomplished with paths of light that keep up with his pace and an extra energetic soundtrack.


Even it has stiff competition when it comes to which planetary theme park attraction is prettiest. Planet Wisp may be in the midst of a total remodel courtesy of Dr. Eggman, but the lush views still on display are likely a big part of why it was chosen to represent Colors back in Sonic Generations. The game’s about helping those empowering aliens, after all, and taking back their home goes hand in hand with that.


You’ll be seeing more of these and the rest of the game’s eye catching areas when Sonic Colors Ultimate comes to Switch and more on September 7th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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