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Ace Attorney veterans may think they’ve passed the bar when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of the series, but what happens when the legal system, nay, the entire world rewinds to the 19th century? That’s where The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles takes players, and while investigation and courtroom experience will certainly help there’re also new and unique features to consider.

A new trailer has arrived to present corroborating evidence on what’s to be expected from Ryunosuke Naruhodo when it comes to these multiple gameplay facets. Check it out both to prepare yourself for these games’ localized debuts and to get a glimpse of those trademark Ace Attorney character designs:

That’s not all Capcom had to share, though. Over on Twitter and other social media a new Case Preview series is afoot. These will take a look at the various cases Ryunosuke will be involved in, with this inaugural episode focusing on The Case of the Visiting Professor. The defendant is…Ryunosuke himself?

See how it and all the rest unfold when The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles finally comes to the west on July 27th. Getting it before September 1st will qualify you for the early purchase “From the Vaults” bonus. If you love the series’ music and artwork, you won’t want to miss it!

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Written by Ricky Berg

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