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It’s been less than two weeks since Blizzard Entertainment announced the imminent arrival of cross-play for Overwatch. While many were excited by the announcement, there was still the lingering question of just when Blizzard would flip the switch and let the masses finally play together. That question has now been answered as unexpectedly as the announcement of the feature itself, with cross-play officially going live today – as in, right now.



After installing a small update for the game, players will finally be able to hop into matches of this classic hero shooter together with players across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and of course, Nintendo Switch! To celebrate the arrival of cross-play, Blizzard has distributed a free golden loot box to all players, which was promised with the announcement of the feature earlier this month.

For more info on how you can party up and push the payload with all your friends, check out the full FAQ on the official Overwatch site!


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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