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Update (10/20/21): Back in August, Square Enix announced that Life is Strange: True Colors would be delayed past its initial September 10th release. Months later, it looks like we finally have a better idea of when that launch will take place: per the tweet below, you can expect to see True Colors digitally on Switch in early December. We’ll make sure to update this page once a more exact date is provided, so stay tuned!




They have been rumored for a while but now it’s confirmed – the supernatural narrative adventure games Life is Strange: Remastered and Life is Strange: True Colors are heading to Switch.

While True Colors is the latest game in the series, it’ll seemingly be hitting Switch first on September 10th. This one’s unique power has protagonist Alex Chen capable of experiencing, absorbing, and manipulating emotions.



The Q4 2021 dated Remastered collection, meanwhile, bundles the original Life is Strange and the prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm into one package with updated assets. In the former, you’ll take control of the time-controlling Max Caulfield as she saves the life of her childhood friend Chloe, while the prequel delves into Chloe’s past.

You’ll be able to play True Colors on September 10th and experience the Remastered collection in Q4 2021.

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