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Kazuya Mishima isn’t the friendliest fellow in Tekken, or any fighting game for that matter; and it’s clear that’s carrying over to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For one, he made a point of tossing everyone he could into a molten chasm (in a glorious callback to his home series) in his reveal trailer, but now we’ve also got a new illustration that shows just how rough he can get. 



Poor Ryu has gotten another beating, likely for Capcom’s handling of Tekken the last time they crossed over. Nintendo’s own cast ranges from concerned, to confrontational, to cowardly — making Kazuya’s ruthlessness all the more apparent. 



Smash takes all kinds, though, as seen in his addition to the ever-growing Ultimate roster mural. He takes his place between Daisy and Byleth, eye glowing and arms crossed. We’ll be seeing more of that demeanor when Mr. Sakurai Presents Kazuya airs on June 28th, at 7 a.m. PT. The presentation will be roughly 40 minutes long, with no details on Challenge Pack 11. 



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Written by Ricky Berg

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