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River City Girls was a solid beat ‘em up with tons of attitude, making a mark with its aesthetic and likable characters. Now, get ready to crack a few more skulls with familiar characters and some new ones — River City Girls 2 is on the way!



WayForward confirmed the news, promising new characters alongside the returning Misako, Kyoko, Kunio, and Riki. Past that and release platforms, not much else was shared. Physical copies will be available from Limited Run Games, who helped break the news alongside the announcement of a first-time localization for the game that helped inspire River City Girls in the first place.



Shin Nekketsu Koha: Kunio-tachi no Banka will be released outside of Japan for the first time as River City Girls Zero! This 16-bit brawler is back with a new anime style opening, the same manga inspired cutscenes as River City Girls, and at least one song from the returning Megan McDuffee. It, too, will be getting a physical version on Nintendo Switch from Limited Run. 

River City Girls 2 will be coming sometime in 2022, while River City Girls Zero will arrive late 2021. 


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Written by Ricky Berg

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