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If you’ve been glued to E3 and all the surrounding showcases, you’ve no doubt spotted a few recurring games. Among them is OlliOlli World, the latest in Roll7’s skateboarding series. Featured in the most recent Indie World, this weekend it pulled double duty pop shoving itself onto your screens during both IGN’s Summer of Gaming and GamesRadar’s Future Games Show.

First on deck is the game’s E3 trailer that introduces you to Radlandia. This skateboarding paradise is the perfect place to work on all your tricks and meet the locals. When those locals include sentient ice cream cones and helpful, giant bumblebees you know it’s going to be a good time on your road to Gnarvana.

If you’re after a little more gameplay, you’ll find it in the above video along with some developer commentary. Hear about the team’s goal to bring you into a flowstate with their tight skateboarding gameplay, as well as how their aiming to make even failures part of the fun.

OlliOlli World will shred its way onto Switch and all other current platforms this winter.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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