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Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the realistic medieval RPG from Warhorse Studios has been out for a few years now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, yet has never seen the light of day on Switch. It’s understandable when considering the size of the game – most open-world titles of its scale are usually dream ports for the platform that never actually come to be. In fact, the team at Warhorse Studios never even planned to bring the title to Switch until it was misreported that the game was coming to the system late last year. This inaccurate report led to a massive outpouring of fan requests for the game to actually be ported, which in turn led the team to rethink their efforts on Nintendo’s hybrid. Now, that dream port will indeed become a reality.

Announced during Koch Media’s Prime Matter debut stream, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is officially headed to Nintendo Switch!



Warhorse Studios shared the full story of just how this port came to be in a press release alongside the game’s announcement:


Kingdom Come: Deliverance for Nintendo Switch was born out of a “happy mistake.” At the end of 2020, the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition was announced for the PlayStation 4 in Japan. Due to a clerical error, the game was also listed for the Nintendo Switch, which at that time was not in the plans. The ‘mistake’ was fixed right away, but the information spread. However, the overwhelming feedback was eye-opening and an integral part in decision making later. Sabre Interactive, also a legacy studio of Koch Media, has proven on multiple occasions that they are the right partners for this endeavor to make the unthinkable thinkable, and were tasked with bringing Kingdom Come: Deliverance to the Nintendo Switch.


No official release date was shared, but the fact that yet another massive RPG will be heading to Switch is nothing but great news for Nintendo fans. We’ll be sure to share the official release date as soon as it’s announced, so make sure to stick around here at Nintendo Wire for the latest details on this open-world epic!


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