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Cuphead’s collection of cartoony characters is quite large, but of its main cast there’s no denying the swagger of King Dice. This combination of Cab Calloway and the casino adage “the house always wins” makes quite the impression in Cuphead’s finale, hosting a boss rush with his own boastful theme song.

Now for this upcoming animated series, the die is cast! Who better to voice this proprietor of wagers and vice than the deal-making, masked-singing, whose-lining performer that is Wayne Brady?



The host of Let’s Make a Deal is penning some new contracts as King Dice, who’s taking the stage in a new clip shared by Netflix. Speaking personally, it’s a fantastic choice for the character and has me more excited for the classic animation adaptation of the game’s world. 

Plus, Geoff Keighley interviewed Dave Wasson (Executive Producer) and Cosmo Segurson (Co-Executive Producer) about the show during Geeked Week’s post-show (starts right before the 1:39:42 mark).



The Cuphead Show! is coming to Netflix “soon.”


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Written by Ricky Berg

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