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Dead Cells is a pretty infinitely replayable game by design. Like many games in the roguelite genre, however, playthroughs can boil down to a lot of the same tactics once a meta is found. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with such play, it can unintentionally make the game feel a bit stale. Developer Motion Twin aims to keep that from happening, with a massive rebalancing patch launching today for PC, and “at a later date” for the console versions of the game.

The update, titled ‘What’s The Damage?’, will heavily shake up the game’s balancing of weapons, rooms, and biomes. Here’s a bit more info on just what’s in store from the official press release:


“The update seeks to rebalance weapons in order to bring weaker ones up to par with some of the stronger options. Slamming your enemies in the face with an entire tombstone is nice, but variety is the key here. There are over 90 changes to various weapons in the update, all of which are detailed in the link to the patch notes below.

Additionally, the Derelict Distillery and Fatal Falls biomes have been updated with new rooms and adjustments in order to make them feel more alive than ever.

Finally, new room creation is now possible for modders, as Dead Cells now has integration with Tiled, a free, open-source level editor. The possibilities are truly endless.”



You can check out the Dead Cells site for the full patch notes, though it’s worth noting that the parts relating to modding almost certainly won’t apply to the console versions of the game.


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