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Ahead of E3 this weekend, we’re sure to hear little somethings from developers. At least that’s my hope, and so far Sidebar Games has delivered. The makers of Golf Story haven’t said much about their more varied follow-up, Sports Story, but today felt fit to bring out a new screenshot and quick update on the game.

You want to turn pro? You’re going to need to start somewhere, and here that somewhere is with Wall Bounders. Even if you aren’t keen on working your racquet against a stationary opponent, the game is looking lovely, with vibrant sprites and that familiar style that helped make Golf Story so appealing.

As for what to expect going forward…

More updates will be on the way, and by the sounds of it at a much more regular rate. No release date has been given for Sports Story ever since it was delayed, but presumably, this stuffs any hopes for a shadow drop during the show. And that’s just fine – keep it going Sidebar because to me this is one worth waiting for.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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