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Oddventure, an Earthbound-inspired indie RPG, has successfully completed its Kickstarter run, pulling in 213% of its original goal. It originally had a goal of €20,000, and ended with €42,697.

The game, described as “if Nietzsche had a child with Alice in Wonderland and their kid was raised on Grimms’ Fairy Tales and EarthBound,” uses a unique emotion-based combat system and promises impactful player choices. You’ll be able to follow the misadventures of Charlie a rebellious teenage girl who has anger issues and social awkwardness. She’ll traverse her way through the Kingdom of Luxia in an effort to search for her brother Bonzo and return home together.

You’ll discover that every decision matters in Oddventure, and it’ll be completely up to you to decide how the story will play out. From the characters and creatures you meet, to the enemies you fight and how you choose to battle, you can shape the adventure to your liking.



Are you ready for a totally unique experience? Oddventure is slated to launch on PC and Nintendo Switch in September 2022!


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Written by Bryan Finch

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