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Previously announced at last April’s Indie World Showcase, Aztech Forgotten Gods from developer Lienzo is a cyber-stone action adventure coming to Nintendo Switch this fall. While the latest update more or less showcases a chunk of the same content, viewers can discover more of the upcoming title’s world with the latest “Extended Announcement Trailer.”



Aztech Forgotten Gods is set in an alternate Mesoamerica where the capital Tenochtitlan has thrived and become a high-tech metropolis still flaunting the cultural heritage of the region and its remarkable architecture. As you play as the heroine Achtli who accidentally awakens an ancient stone collosi during an archaeological expedition, the player will set out on a quest to save the day with the powers granted to them by a stone prosthetic arm.

When more details about Aztech Forgotten Gods make the rounds we’ll be sure to let you all know!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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