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What first comes to mind when one thinks of mechs is often the hulking behemoths from sci-fi classics like Gundam and Pacific Rim: technological powerhouses that tear through cityscapes as they blast their adversaries with swarms of missiles. The developers at Flight School Studio have taken a more relaxed and micro approach to the idea of pilotable robots in their new action-adventure title Stonefly. Published by MWM Interactive, this customizable mecha action game sees players taking on dangerous critters while exploring a lush organic environment in a coming-of-age tale full of mystery and heart.



“Featuring richly handcrafted art inspired by mid-century modern design and nature, Stonefly follows Annika on her quest to recover her dad’s beloved rig after it is taken by a thief in the night. As Annika, players invent and craft abilities for their very own mech, venture into the wilderness and harness the wind to strategically glide among beautiful flora and dangerous fauna on missions to harvest materials. Along the way, players will develop cool tech to upgrade their mech’s abilities, encounter a memorable crew of castaway pilots known as the Acorn Corps, confront hordes of hungry bugs, and help Annika uncover her true potential and embrace her legacy.”


You can build your own tiny mechs and hop across tree branches in Stonefly, available now on the Switch eShop for $19.99.

Stonefly’s soundtrack, composed by experimental electronic artist Natureboy Flako, is available to stream now across all streaming platforms, as well as being up for pre-order in vinyl form on the official Stonefly website.


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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