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Hollow Knight fans are in for a bit of unfortunate news today, as it seems they’ll have to wait a little longer to hear more about Silksong. The upcoming DLC-turned-full-game was announced back in 2019, and since then has had little news shared on it outside of appearing at trade shows and occasional interviews. According to Matthew “Leth” Griffin, who handles marketing and publishing at Team Cherry, the devs behind the game have no announcements or blogs scheduled for E3 this year.

The news was shared earlier today by Griffin in the official Team Cherry Discord server, and was later shared via a screenshot on Reddit by user Echo_The_Shadow where it’s since become the top thread of the day with over 4,000 upvotes.



While this news is indeed disheartening for fans of the series, it’s nice to have expectations tempered in this way as we head into the E3 season. All we can do now is continue to wait patiently, and maybe start another playthrough of the original in the meantime. I’m sure mastering a complete deathless run should take enough time to fill the void as we wait for more news… I mean, it has to, right?


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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