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Glyph released for the Switch back in early February, offering a unique blend of chill exploration and precision, physics-based platforming within a serene desert temple. This weekend, Bolverk Games will release a free demo for the game that features roughly 45 minutes of gameplay across levels not found within the full game!



Here are all the details on the demo straight from Bolverk Games:


“The release consists of three levels exclusive to the DEMO, designed to teach the basics of the game while showing off some of the finest elements of the game. Playtime is roughly 45 minutes.

In bullets, the Glyph DEMO includes:

  • 3 exclusive levels only available in the DEMO
  • 45 minutes of game time
  • Tutorial mixed with authentic in-game experience
  • Freeness. DEMOs are free”


Glyph is available now on the Switch eShop for $19.99, and the free demo will be made available this Sunday, May 16th.



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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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