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A grand utopian city in a glass bubble, missing humans, and a curious robotic worker drone are the catalysts for Orbit Studio and’s new retro-future mystery action-puzzler Retro Machina. This adventure, inspired by the works of classic sci-fi authors like Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov, will set players on a journey to discover more behind the gleaming city of Endeavor, what has become of its inhabitants, and why the robots within its walls must tirelessly maintain what remains of the seemingly abandoned civilization.



“For hundreds of years, the sprawling high-tech metropolis of Endeavor City has been dutifully maintained by a society of robots that follow a strict societal rule: no imperfections will be tolerated. One such worker drone begins to question the history of Endeavor, and upon being cast out, must explore mysterious, ruined lands beyond the glass dome that encompasses the city. Players will use their wits — and a few spare parts — to outsmart enemies, solve puzzles, and finally get the answers they seek.


Key Features:

Fight Your Own Battles…Or not: While you may not have the size or strength of a military robot, as a worker drone you have the ability to hack into the minds of your fellow robots and get them to do your dirty work

Use That STEM Degree: As a robot, it’s inevitable that systems will break down and repairs become necessary. Assemble a collection of spare parts and tools to fix yourself as well as upgrade your defensive and offensive capabilities

It’s Lloyd John Dunn’s World, You’re Just Living in It: A gorgeous and definitively retro-futuristic design permeates four beautiful biomes, ready to be explored. Each one filled with dangerous enemies, challenging bosses, and a bevy of clever puzzles and hidden secrets to discover

A Thrilling Mystery: Just who were the original inhabitants of Endeavor City, and what happened to them? Uncover the truth behind their disappearance and try to figure out a way to get them back — after all, who will fix the robots when everything breaks down?”


Retro Machina is available now on the Switch eShop for $19.99.


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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