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It’s been nearly one year since we saw a the debut PokéToon animation hit the Pokémon Kids TV YouTube channel, and back then we were unsure of what would follow. That episode gave us a new style, a new kind of story, and fun new focuses on characters Scraggy and Mimikyu. Needless to say, it was a delightful deviation from the usual Pokémon series we’d been accustomed to viewing.

It’s nearly June once again and the second PokéToon animation has made its way to the eyes and hearts of those who have checked out The Pokémon Kids channel’s newest offering. This time around, however, Pancham is the star of the show in an episode titled “Pancham: I Want To Be a Hero.” The title says it all, too, as the Fighting-type ‘mon wants to become a hero — and to do so, it’s training every day. Sadly though… the Pokémon is having some troubles making that dream come true. What’s a Pancham to do?

While the first PokéToon sported a western animation style from the 1940s to ’60s era with little speaking, this new one is donning a different creative approach with more modern illustrations and heavier dialogue. The video is only available in Japanese, which may make listening a tad difficult for those who don’t know the language, but the animation alone still shows off a great story. You can have a watch for yourself by checking it out below!



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Written by Lauren Ganos
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