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I’ve delved into the Skullgirls saga many a time before, and how the game and its community just won’t stay down. Now its latest DLC character has been announced, and she’s perhaps the poster girl for long-term tenacity herself.

A story NPC since the game’s original release, allegedly crucial to overarching lore, one of dozens of potential characters that were passed on by fans, but here she is at last – with not a pinch of salt to be seen.

Umbrella, younger sister of Parasol, wields a sentient umbrella into combat just like her sibling. This parasite is known as Hungern, and will define the young princess’ gameplay. As explained in a detailed (preliminary and subject to change) Umbrella breakdown, she’ll be small but swing big. That comes at the cost of movement options, and a need to fully commit to your offense.

Based on how that goes, Hungern will cycle through different levels of satiation. Yes, as the name implies you’ll be playing differently depending on how hungry this umbrella is. When starving, moves will be slow but anything based on devouring enemies will be more powerful. If overstuffed, you can gain added effects from the fullness. If you manage things well and keep him ravenous – hungry, but not quite starving – you’ll be able to wield this duo’s true power.

As is the case with Annie, it’ll likely be quite some time until Umbrella is available on consoles, and the Switch in particular. Her development, as well as that of her stage, is moving forward on PC and will be available to play in extremely early forms throughout Alpha and Beta periods. A full release of the character is targeted for Q4 2021, with potential teases of the third new DLC character along the way.

Look forward to more Skullgirls 2nd Encore updates from Hidden Variable, Future Club, and Autumn Games as the rest of its first Season Pass unfolds.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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