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Spoiler warning – As has been the case with previous fallen hero focuses, spoilers for Three Houses’ Azure Moon route and Awakening’s Future Past DLC follow

Darkness is encroaching once again upon Fire Emblem Heroes, bringing four new fallen versions of familiar characters to the game. Be it good intentions gone too far or the influence of powers beyond comprehension, it seems anyone can walk the road to ruin.

This time it’s two “heroes” each from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Awakening that have succumbed. Dimitri is at the height of his madness, murderous and savage with skills that up his mobility and power to frightening levels.

Following that are both Morgans, male and female, fighting in the name of Fell Dragon Grima. Both of them thrive on building up the differences between the stats of them and their unfortunate prey, unleashing additional effects the bigger the gap.

Still, even these three fared well compared to Edelgard. Here she has cast aside her humanity in pursuit of her unyielding vision, becoming a fell Hegemon Husk. With what is lost comes new power, and in her armored beast state Edelgard maintains her reputation as powerful, sturdy, and able to act multiple times when played right.

The Forces of Will focus featuring all four of these will debut on May 7th. Adding them to your ranks won’t require as steep a sacrifice as they’ve all made – just Orb after Orb after Orb.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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