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Capcom Arcade Stadium has made a home for itself on Switch, but in a month it’ll be branching out to some new locations. Capcom has announced that alongside the launch for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam there will be some new paid DLC on all platforms. That’s not the only way the arcade is growing, though…

As seen in the above video, Invincibility DLC will be released that makes Game Overs a thing of the past all over again. It’s joined by a set of 32 Display Frames that let you change the border on each game’s digital arcade cabinet. These appear to be locked to specific cabs, meaning you can only have Street Fighter II’s frame on Street Fighter II. Both of these DLC options can be picked up for $0.99 each starting May 25th.

More exciting, though, is the promise that more titles are on the way! While no specifics were given, it opens the door for some fighting game greats like Darkstalkers and Red Earth, or titles potentially locked behind licenses such as Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara or Alien vs. Predator.

Some of those chances may be slim, but keep an eye out for what’s next for Capcom Arcade Stadium in the future.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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