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The biggest gaming expo of the year, E3, was officially confirmed to be returning as an all-digital event earlier this month, with companies like Nintendo and Microsoft quickly declaring their support for and planned presence at the late-spring expo. Among the companies involved was Ubisoft, yet just like many of the currently confirmed attendees, little has been known of its plans for the event. That was, of course, until late yesterday. Ubisoft has officially announced that UbiForward 2021 will air on June 12th, and feature announcements and updates from its worldwide studios:

“Get ready for Ubisoft Forward! Our digital conference goes live on Saturday June 12 at 12pm PT as part of E3 2021. Stay tuned for all the latest information about the lineup and announcements from our teams around the world.”

While no specific games or franchises have been confirmed to be shown just yet, it would be worth keeping an eye out for two franchises in-particular during the showcase; those being the Rayman and Rabbids series.

Last September was the 25th anniversary for Ubisoft’s invisibly-limbed son, thus his anniversary year will still be in full-effect for most of 2021. We could very easily see an anniversary title or collection announced at the UbiForward showcase to celebrate the occasion.

More likely, however, would be a new title from the Rabbids franchise; specifically the Mario + Rabbids sub-series. Back in January, the official Rabbids Twitter’s handle was quietly changed to “@MarioRabbids” with no announcement or fanfare whatsoever. This sneaky change has led many fans to speculate on the potential for a new release in the series, though it has since changed back. The original Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was wildly successful in terms of both sales and critical acclaim when it released back in 2017, and a sequel has been on many hopeful fans’ wishlists ever since.

Now, neither instances are confirmation of new titles in those series, of course, though both definitely have a healthy chance of showing up. Whatever does end up being announced between now and the expos’ close in June, you can rest assured that we’ll have all the details, so stick around here at Nintendo Wire for the latest on E3 as it develops!

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