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From a gameplay and storytelling perspective, Hades delivers consistently and admirably. With a list of accolades longer than the River Styx, at this point it’s clear the world has embraced Zagreus’ Orphic adventure with open arms. 

Now a new audience will be able to escape hell and lose themselves in its world and replayability, as Hades will receive a full Japanese text translation courtesy of 8-4. 



Known for previous work on Fire Emblem, Tales of, Monster Hunter, and more for English speaking audiences; 8-4 is notable in this case for being a professional localization company. 

Previously, Hades came under a bit of fire for a perceived lack of professional translation for languages such as Spanish, French, and Chinese. Instead, it opted for a mix of pro and community translators throughout its Early Access development, which led to variance across the various languages. PC Gamer has a more thorough rundown, including responses from Supergiant themselves on the matter. 

As such, it’s great to see that Japanese audiences will receive a translation that’s both of high quality and consistency. A game as (delightfully) text-heavy as Hades should ideally have this so its own mythic cast can shine. 


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Written by Ricky Berg

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