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Only four days after the launch of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Square Enix was forced to face a digital disaster with the title. While the GameCube title’s return to the spotlight was already dealing with issues and negative critique across the internet, two regions were undoubtedly suffering the most. The online may have been questionable for America, Europe, and even Japan as it was plagued with lag and connection errors, however, major issues pertaining exclusively to Australia and New Zealand left the game’s online objectively unplayable.

Since September 1st, the Final Fantasy spin-off had been pulled from all digital platforms in Australia and New Zealand including the Nintendo eShop. Launching to a broken online service and multiple apologies from the developers, players in both regions had been reassured at the time by Square Enix that the company would have the slew of problems solved as soon as possible — and can you guess what happened next though? Eight months later the caravan is finally ready to redepart.

Out of nowhere that promise of being fixed has finally been delivered even after the remaster did not live up to the company’s expectations. Why did the title’s online take so long to be fixed in these two regions? While Square Enix is yet to detail what exactly went down with this whole conundrum, the game itself can finally now be experienced once again by fans of the original adventure in Australasia. If more information regarding the situation behind the release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remasted Edition is unveiled, we will be sure to let you all know.

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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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