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Fresh off their foray into Fortnite, perhaps the two most recognizable Street Fighter characters are setting their sights on a new crossover. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid already spans many corners of Saban’s super sentai series, but now these world warriors are adding its farthest reach yet. Best of all for fans, they’re coming with their own morphs and new twists to familiar moves.

Revealed exclusively via IGN, Battle for the Grid will receive both Ryu’s Crimson Hawk Ranger morph and Chun-Li’s Blue Phoenix Ranger. These two previously appeared in the mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, but now the fighting game legends are stepping into a completely different ring.

The duo will come to Battle for the Grid via a Street Fighter DLC Pack on May 25th. This will give players both Ryu and Chun-Li, as well as some yet to be revealed skins. The two can also be purchased on their own for $5.99 each on all platforms that support the game.

Anyone without the game can go all in with the upcoming Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Super Edition also arriving on May 25th. This will get you the base game, three seasons of DLC, and the Street Fighter pack as well as four bonus skins. A physical version is also planned for release in July. Pricing for this, as well as an upgrade for anyone with the base game already, was not given.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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