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Perhaps one of the biggest surprises from Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase presentation earlier today was the reveal of OlliOlli World, a new installment in the addictive OlliOlli franchise that’s introducing 3D elements into the traditionally 2D skateboarding series.

OlliOlli World appears to have a bigger story focus than its predecessors, as Creative Director John Ribbins explains in the trailer. “Our new game is a vibrant action-platformer taking you on a journey across the island of Radland on a quest to meet the legendary skate gods.” Ribbins also mentions that it’s a game that’s “all about going on a road trip with your friends,” and further narration in the trailer also says that players will “search for the mystical Skate Gods on [their] quest for Gnarvana.”

In Radland, players will “get to meet colorful characters, take on quirky side quests, and discover all the hidden secrets.” 



Outside of the Indie World Showcase, publisher Private Division also released a separate trailer with additional details and gameplay footage. “We’ve added a ton of new mechanics,” says Ribbins, who makes another appearance in the alternative trailer. “We’ve got quarter-pipes, split routes and multiple paths through levels, there are wall rides, and there are tons of other cool new things to do on your board.”

Ribbins and the team are highly enthusiastic about the game, which may be their biggest project yet. “We’re super excited to be working on a new OlliOlli, and really bringing everything that we’ve learned over the last ten years about making these kinds of games to make the best game we’ve ever made.”



OlliOlli World will launch on Nintendo Switch and other platforms in Winter 2021. In the meantime, OlliOlli: Switch Stance is a collection that combines predecessors OlliOlli and OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood into a single package, available now via the Nintendo Switch eShop.


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Written by Reece Heather

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