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Pokémon are turning invisible in Pokémon GO, and unfortunately, it’s not an intentional fun feature involving mischievous Ghost-types or camouflaged Kecleon — it’s a new glitch that has surfaced in the game following today’s Rivals’ Week update.

The event introduces two new obtainable Pokémon to the map, with the Water-type Clauncher and the Poison- and Water-type Skrelp popping up in the wild. The new bug means that the game isn’t loading the new critters’ in-game models, meaning players are unable to see them appear. According to Eurogamer, however, they are still obtainable through the use of Pokémon GO Plus or Go-tcha devices.

Fortunately, developer Niantic has already acknowledged and provided a solution to the issue, advising players to update the app to avoid encountering the glitch.



Rivals’ Week is a seven-day event available now in Pokémon GO which also features the debut of Therian Forme Landorus, new Field Research, bonuses, and more.


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Written by Reece Heather

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