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Streets of Rage 4 is one of our favorite beat ‘em ups in recent memory, continuing Sega’s series in a great way and style. Now it’s time to limber up and punch back in to Wood Oak City, as Dotemu has announced upcoming DLC for the game, both paid and free.

In total, Mr. X Nightmare will add three playable characters to the already impressive SoR4 roster. Only one was revealed today, that being recurring character officer Estel Aguirre. While new brawlers could be enough to get you back in the game, a Survival mode full of “special tests of skill” will also be introduced. More details for that will be provided at another date.

Also seen in the trailer are new weapons and moves for the current cast. Those new attacks are part of a character customization system that’ll also be introduced to bring the pain to new enemies and situations alike. Lastly for Mr. X Nightmare, new music will be included coming courtesy of Tee Lopes. Anyone who played Sonic Mania will be familiar with his work, and having him tackle another Sega classic is more than welcome.

As for the free update, New Mania+ will be introduced as a difficulty option, and a training mode will be added to help sharpen those combos. More color palettes will also be introduced, letting you liven things up in an already gorgeous game.

No release window was provided for Mr. X Nightmare or the free update, but it was announced that total sales of the game have surpassed 2.5 million. If you aren’t among those, give our Streets of Rage 4 review a read and look forward to all this new content.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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