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Today Suda51 hosted a No More Heroes 3 livestream, discussing the series as a whole along with what to expect from this latest entry. The core of it, though, was a new video hosted by character Sylvia Christel which (re)introduced fans to the garden of madness that is No More Heroes.

Not only did this provide some fresh glimpses of gameplay, it confirmed the return of both Shinobu and Bad Girl. These two made their first appearances in the original No More Heroes as two of the top ranked assassins Travis Touchdown had to fight through, and would go on to be playable in later titles. Whether that will continue here remains to be seen, but you can take comfort knowing that Travis will once again be able to mow grass and play with his cat between murder missions.

Also revealed was the No More Heroes Killion Dollar Trilogy box set. Releasing the same day as No More Heroes 3, it’ll include the Switch ports of the first two games in the series as well as a copy of the latest all in one (awesome looking) package. Interestingly, it’s skipping over Travis Strikes Again despite that game getting some love earlier in the video. Since the physical editions of No More Heroes 1+2 are exclusive to Japan (not counting the Limited Run Games releases) it’s likely the Killion Dollar Trilogy box will be as well.

You’ll be able to take up your Beam Katana and save the world from super hero aliens when No More Heroes 3 finally comes to Switch on August 27th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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