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Every year around this time, we get a brief glimpse back at some of the Overwatch team’s past exploits in the form of story-based co-op missions. This year’s Archives event includes the usual lineup of PvE goodness mixed together with some fresh new challenges, new mission modifiers, and a batch of excellent new skins. 

Overwatch Archives 2021’s theme is all about legacy; and just what is a legacy? In Overwatch’s case, it’s a legacy of warfare, with the newest skins showcasing military armors and uniforms from across human history.



As with every seasonal celebration, there will be new skin challenges each week for the duration of the event, with the way in which players clear these challenges changing a bit from past events. In previous years, players would need to accumulate nine wins across any game mode to secure that week’s free spray, player icon, and skin. This time around, players will need to earn 30 stars within the different PvE modes to unlock these prizes. 

Players receive stars for successfully clearing the co-op missions, with harder difficulties and challenge missions granting additional stars. At the time of this writing, the Uprising mission is currently rewarding players with double stars for each completion. 

Week one of the Archives event challenges is Lúcio-themed, featuring a fiery new skin for Rio’s best DJ!


Overwatch Archives 2021 is on now and will run until Tuesday, April 27th. Check out the official Overwatch site for a full breakdown of the new challenges and unlocks, as well as closer looks at each of the amazing new character skins. Make sure to hop on before the event is over to receive a free Archives event loot box!


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