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Fortnite players on Nintendo Switch will start seeing improvements in both performance and resolution when they log in today, as Epic Games has released an update focused on player experience.

According to a news update published earlier today, the team behind Fortnite has upgraded the game’s renderer “to make better use of the [Switch]’s GPU.”

Both docked and handheld mode will see a boost in resolution, with the former going from 1390 x 780 to 1560 x 880 and the latter going from 1000 x 560 to 1170 x 660.



The update is said to also provide a more consistent frame rate “with fewer hitches,” and reduce the game’s file size by 140 MB.

Players can grab the update now by heading to the Nintendo eShop, or by updating directly through the Home screen.

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Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo

Daniel is an editor at Nintendo Wire. Always with his head in the clouds, he is never apart from his creative thoughts – a blessing for an aspiring fiction writer. As a journalist and lifelong gamer, he aims to provide readers with the very best in Nintendo coverage.