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As the Poké Lids continue to make landfall just about every other week, it was only a matter of time before the Pokémon plastered manholes were to hit the ancient city of Kyoto. For the first time in Japan, Poké Lids have finally arrived in the Kyoto Prefecture. What better way to celebrate new Poké Lids in this particular city than to masquerade them with a thematically appropriate Johto theme? Have a look below at the latest five covers to be added across Japan!




As can be seen above, the latest five Poké Lids to be installed throughout the prefecture are mostly themed around generation two of the Pokémon franchise. While Pichu, Cyndaquill, Chikorita, and Totadile may catch your eyes at first, the Ho-Oh Poké Lid is without a doubt the beautiful rainbow wing of this collection. With the latest covers being installed, the total Poké Lid count has now risen to 159 unique art pieces across 15 different prefectures.

As goes the usual with all Poké Lids, the manhole covers not only act as fun tourist attractions for local citizens and visitors of Kyoto, but they will all double down as Poké Stops for Pokémon GO players. These Poké Stops provide higher spawn rates for their pictured species and of course provide items to players passing by. When the next batch of Poké Lids are installed throughout Japan we’ll be sure to let you all know!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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