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Update (3/31): This all sounds a little sus to me… but it’s still worth getting excited over! The Among Us update that includes the new Airship map is available now! 



The newest map for Among Us, The Airship, promised friendship-altering back-stabby goodness amongst the clouds when it was revealed during The Game Awards in December. Since then, the team at InnerSloth has quietly prepared the vessel for its maiden flight. Thanks to a tweet from the official Among Us Twitter, we now know just when the hulking imposter airliner will be ready for takeoff!



The tweet links to a blog post on InnerSloth’s site, which thanks fans for their patience before explaining what has kept the Airship on the runway for so long. The post also shares that the arrival of the Airship update will include new tasks, a new spawn system that allows players to choose their spawn room, new free hats, and more!

Check out all the details concerning the update, as well as a peek behind the scenes of its development in the full blog post before The Airship takes off on March 31st. And remember to trust no one!


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