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Previously we had only the earliest hints at what was in store for Kirby’s Dream Factory. That is to say, we barely knew what would be IN the store, as the pop-up shop gears up for its opening in Osaka later this month. While plenty of key art and a few pieces of merch were shared, today Kirby and Waddle Dee are working overtime to share what they’ve been “dreaming” up!


The official online shop version of Kirby’s Dream Factory has shared nearly 100 new goods related to the theme, making this one of the biggest Kirby product rollouts I’ve ever seen. While none of it hits the highs of what’s been seen from the Kirby Cafe or other past releases, it’s still an impressive and cute showing.

Nearly all of what’s on the way is fairly typical lifestyle goods and character merch, but there are some standouts. Soon fans in Japan will be able to order their own Kirby work jumpsuit, or how about a Kirby’s Dream Factory plush?


All of these new items will be orderable starting March 31st, though at least from the official store page they won’t be shipping overseas. Keep an eye out for potential import possibilities, and look forward to more on Kirby’s Dream Factory.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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