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Over the course of 2020, Sega celebrated its 60th anniversary in style, with plenty of merch and even a teeny tiny Game Gear. Now, to potentially close things out, the company is releasing a celebratory album that covers video game sounds from across the decades.

I say “sounds” generally because the first two games covered will be nothing but bleeps and bloops from the company’s earliest games, like 1979’s Head On. After that it’s a pretty varied mix. There are iconic vocal tunes like Burning Rangers’ theme and Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure, but there are also interesting pulls. Rather than representing Sonic the Hedgehog’s first game with Green Hill Zone as you’d expect, they instead elected to go with Starlight Zone.

Check out the full four disc playlist below, courtesy of the GO SEGA – 60th Anniversary Album store page on PlayAsia.

Disc 1

01. Amazing SEGA ~New Corporate Identity~ (Top Ver.)
02. SEGA Sound Logo (SEGA Call)
03. Company Song (Wakai Chikara/135)
04. Head On (Gameplay Sounds) | AC
05. Monaco GP (Gameplay Sounds) | AC
06. Tranquillizer Gun (Gameplay Sounds) | AC
07. Pengo (Main BGM/Popcorn) | AC
08. Super Locomotive (Main BGM/Rydeen) | AC
09. Congo Bongo (Title~Odd-Number~Odd-Number Clear~Even Number~Even Number Clear) | SG
10. Flicky (Theme~Clear) | AC
11. Teddy Boy Blues (Teddy Boy Blues) | AC
12. Zoom 909 (Main BGM) | SG
13. Hang-On (Main Theme) | AC
14. Space Harrier (Main Theme) | AC
15. Fantasy Zone (Opa-Opa!) | AC
16. Quartet (FM Funk) | AC
17. Enduro Racer (Main Theme) | AC
18. OutRun (Magical Sound Shower) | AC
19. Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Alex Kidd) | MKIII
20. Space Harrier (HAYA-OH) | MKIII
21. UFO CATCHER DX (Greensleeves~Claw Control) | AC
22. SDI (System Down) | AC
23. Super Hang-On (Sprinter) | AC
24. After Burner II (After Burner -With Melody) | AC
25. Thunder Blade (Type II) | AC
26. Phantasy Star (Dungeon 1 -FM Ver.-) | MKIII/MS
27. Galaxy Force II (Beyond the Galaxy) | AC
28. Power Drift (Like the Wind) | AC

Disc 2

01. Gain Ground (Origin~Introduction~ -Theme of Heroes-) | AC
02. Turbo OutRun (Rush a Difficulty) | AC
03. Phantasy Star II (Rise or Fall) | MD
04. Golden Axe (Wilderness) | AC
05. The Revenge of Shinobi (THE SHINOBI) | MD
06. Columns (Clotho) | AC
07. R360 [G-LOC] (Earth Frame G) | AC
08. Sonic the Hedgehog (Star Light Zone ~Mega Drive version~) | MD
09. Mega CD (Startup Sound)
10. Virtua Racing (Waiting Your Entry) | AC
11. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sonic – You Can Do Anything) | GG
12. Streets of Rage 2 (Go Straight) | MD
13. Soreike!! Kokology (Way to go! Kokorojin -1993-/Takenobu Mitsuyoshi) | AC
14. Virtua Fighter (Beginning -Advertize-) | AC
15. Phantasy Star IV: The end of millennium (The end of millennium) | MD
16. Daytona USA (Let’s Go Away) | AC
17. Rail Chase The Ride Eiyuu Fukkatsu Hen (Suite) | ATP
18. VirtuaCop (Gang Headquarters) | AC
19. Virtua Fighter2 (Dance ~A New Challenge Begins~) | AC
20. Sega Saturn (Startup Sound) | AC
21. AM2 (Sound Logo)
22. Virtua Racing Deluxe (Replay)
23. Panzer Dragoon (Flight ~Episode 1 -Orchestra Version-) | SS
24. Sonic Drift 2 (Emerald Hill) | GG
25. Fighting Vipers (Armstone Town Day) | AC
26. Sega Rally Championship (Desert Replay) | SS
27. Cyber Troopers “Virtual-On” (In the Blue Sky) | AC
28. NiGHTS into dreams… (Dreams Dreams) | SS
29. Sakura Wars (Geki! Teikokukagekidan) | SS

Disc 3

01. Scud Race (Flight in the Dark) | AC
02. Sega Saturn (Segata Sanshiro ~CM Song)
03. Burning Rangers (Angels With Burning Hearts) | SS
04. Spikeout (Theme of SPIKEOUT) | AC
05. The House of the Dead 2 (A.M.S. Agent -Arranged From THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 1-) | AC
06. Dreamcast ~TV-CF Pre-order Campaign Song
07. Sonic Adventure (Open Your Heart/Crush 40 | DC
08. Space Channel 5 (mexican flyer (Original)) | DC
09. Shenmue (Shenmue ~Sedge Tree~) | DC
10. StarHorse (1st StarHorse Medley) | AC
11. Phantasy Star Online (The whole new world -Lyric Version-/LORE) | DC
12. Sakura Wars 3 ~Is Paris Burning?~ (Mihata no Moto ni) | DC
14. Super Monkey Ball (Jungle Stage) | GC
15. The King of Beetles “Mushiking” (1st Mushiking Sound) | AC
16. The Key of Avalon (Vive Memor Mortis ~To Live Without Forgetting Death~ | AC
17. Dragon Treasure (Dungeon -Mountain-) | AC
18. OutRun2 (Shiny World) | AC
19. Sonic Heroes (Sonic Heroes) | PS2/GC/Xbox
20. Quest of D (vs. Black Knight) | AC
21. Love and Berry: Dress Up and Dance! (Re-Born/Rabbi☆min) | AC
22. DARTSLIVE (Startup Sound)
23. Feel the Magic XX♥XY (Feel the Magic [Perfect Version]) | DS
24. Sangokushi Taisen (Marvelous Brave) | AC
25. Yakuza (Receive You) | PS2

Disc 4

01. Sega Rally 2006 (Temptation of Speed) | PS2
02. Sega Net Mahjong MJ4 (Default BGM) | AC
03. DERBY OWNERS CLUB 2008 feel the rush (Feel the Rush Special) | AC
04. UFO CATCHER 8 (UFO Ondo) | AC
05. Phantasy Star Portable (Save This World -vMix-) | PSP
06. WORLD CLUB Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs 2006-2007 (Main Theme) | AC
07. Puyo Puyo 7 (The Puyo Puyo Song) | DS
08. BORDER BREAK (Kaga) | AC
09. Sonic Colors (Reach For The Stars) | Wii
10. Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure (Looting the Louvre) | 3DS
11. Yakuza 5 (Bakamitai [Taxi Driver Edition]) | PS3
12. Puyo Puyo!! Quest (A Long-awaited Spacetime Journey! -Puyo Puyo Quest ver.-) | iOS/Android
13. Horuka x Toruka (The Great Journey -Original Ver.-) | AC
14. Chain Chronicle (Battle For Justice II) Android/iOS
15. Wonderland Wars (Battle In Wonder Forest) | AC
16. maimai ORANGE PLUS (welcome to maimai!! with maimaimaa) | AC
17. CHUNITHM AIR PLUS (We Who Transcend Chaos Give Praise to the Holy Master of Tuning) | AC
18. Sonic Forces (Fist Bump) | PS4/Switch
19. Mega Drive Mini (Menu Music -Original Ver.-)
20. Sakura Wars (Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan) | PS4
21. Game Gear Micro (Good Gear Next Level -Menu Music A-)
22. Game Gear Micro (Which one do U play today? -Menu Music B-)
23. Astro City Mini (Menu Music)
24. Sega Moba & Sega Store ~Image Song~ (I wanna see you again…)
25. Sega Shirou (Maito Fujioka) (~Now Is the Time, to Know More. SEGA 60th Anniversary!~)
26. Amazing SEGA ~New Corporate Identity~ (Last Ver.)

Finally, included with the package will be a booklet styled after Sega’s own company guides, as well as comments from Master Hiro, Kensaku Nishimura, and Yosuke Okunari.

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