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The Rampage is almost upon us, as the latest full entry in the Monster Hunter series nears its release. While we’ve seen plenty of Kamura Village and the monster threats heading towards it, Capcom still had a few surprises left in the latest trailer.

Shown right at the beginning of the trailer are returning, popular monsters Nargacuga and Zinogre. Both of them will be familiar to longtime hunters but anyone taking up arms for the first time should look forward to encountering them, their weapons, and their armor sets.

The trailer went on to showcase the many monsters making their debut in Rise, including flagship (and upcoming amiibo) Magnamalo. Monster Hunter World is getting plenty of love from this game as well, with many of its new additions making a follow up appearance on Switch. Most curious, though, is the monster making its first appearance right at the end there. Could it be tied to the Rampage as well?

All these monsters will be at your mercy (or you at theirs’) when Monster Hunter Rise releases exclusively on Switch on March 26th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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